A New Approach to Media Monitoring

Print and Broadcast as you know it, Digital and Social as never before.

In addition to the good old print and broadcast media monitoring as you have always known it, Andromedia offers an advanced tool for digital media monitoring and social media monitoring. Our unique campaign-based model allows you to add as many media monitoring search keywords as you wish, and get digital media monitoring reports at a click, with coverage charts, visualization, competitor keyword research, coverage analysis, and, for the first time in digital media monitoring, sentiment scoring for each and every entry.

Why Andromedia?

The social media monitoring tool and influencers marketing monitoring tool everyone has been waiting for!

All Platforms

We monitor every social media platform that is today. From Instagram to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

All Posts

We capture and record all types of posts across all platforms, including the time-sensitive Instagram stories and Snapchat posts.

Customized Reports

In addition to our built-in reports, we offer customized branded social media reports to suit your exact needs. Reports come in PDF, HTML, and Excel formats.

24/7 Access

Andromedia clients get 24/7 access to social media coverage reports, with various types of reports and visual break-downs available at a click. You can also schedule reports so they reach your clients at specific dates.

Sentiment Scoring on Every Clipping

Get positive, neutral, and negative media coverage flagged in real time

Unlike other media monitoring providers, we do not just scrape website for your coverage. Human review and sentiment scoring are core components of every report we provide. You will get all your digital and social clippings scored with positive sentiment, neutral sentiment, or negative sentiment. Reputational hazards can be flagged to you on real time.

A modern-day media intelligence dashboard

With social media listening tools, media tracking tools, media coverage analysis charts, brand reputation management tools, and customized reports and visualizations, Andromedia takes media monitoring to a whole new level.

Cutting Edge Services with Added Value

Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Scoring, Tiering of Digital Outlets, and more

In additional to print and broadcast circulation and dollar value reporting, Andromedia offers 3 distinctive tiers of digital outlets, which takes into consideration visits, content quality, opinion leadership, and other factors. Further, all our entries and clippings are scored for sentiment.


The portal calculates statistics and present them to you to draft your personalized summaries

Sentiment analysis

Use our automatically generated sentiment scores to add sentiment analysis summaries to your coverage reports.

Top accounts

Select social media influencers who offered the most effective coverage and list them for your client, adding your comments and analysis.

Leave it to us

Andromedia offers insights and customized sentiment analysis as a value-added service.


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