Frequently Asked Questions.

AndorMedia Social Media Monitoring (Androsocial Platform) is the market leading Social Media Monitoring service and the first of its kind in the GCC region. It monitors social media influencers and produces social media coverage reports for your brand / product.
Andromedia Social Media Monitoring is a monthly subscription-based service. There are three tiers for the subscription, based on the number of Social Media Influencers accounts you want us to monitor. Please contact Andromedia for details and to request a demo.
Andromedia Social Media Monitoring monitors selected social media accounts throughout the GCC region with plans to expand to new regions very soon.
We only monitor and analyze posts that are made publicly available by their owners. This is in keeping with the terms of service and the privacy policy of all social media platforms we monitor.
Andromedia does not crawl social media except within the boundaries of official APIs published by the social media platform itself. Human monitoring is restricted to posts that are made publicly available by their owners. Andromedia does not collect or analyze personal data and does not follow or monitor accounts that are not involved in commercial activity with brands and PR agencies. Andromedia service is compliant with the requirements of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Andromedia Social Media Monitoring offers generic and customized reports in accordance with client specifications.
Our social media coverage reports include all fundamental data and analysis required to understand brand coverage by Social Media Influencers. Further, reports can be customized per client request to include specific graphs, illustrations, and other forms of visual breakdown.
Sentiment scoring is part of Androsocial reports. Sentiment analysis can be done by the client or assigned to Andromedia as a value-added service.
Reports are automated and always available at a click. They have room for customization, but they can also be scheduled to reach your client directly.
Andromedia Social Media Monitoring offers social media coverage reports in PDF, XLSX, and HTML.