Influencers Marketing Monitoring
Even Instagram Stories

Influencers campaigns monitoring

We monitor your campaign engagement, including Instagram Stories and Snapchat

If you do influencers campaigns, Andromedia offers the first and one-of-its-kind social media monitoring service.

Detailed Coverage reports

Our social media monitoring reports include coverage from static posts and disappearing stories on Instagram and snapchat.

  • Instagram stories media monitoring
  • Instagram posts media monitoring
  • Facebook posts media monitoring
  • Facebook videos media monitoring
  • YouTube media monitoring
  • TikTok media monitoring
  • Twitter media monitoring

Social media monitoring for seeding campaigns

Brand coverage monitoring on Instagram and other social media platforms is managed via our Androsocial platform. If you conduct seeding or gifting campaigns, our job is to monitor coverage and calculate ROI on this campaign, including reach figures and dollar value.

Social media monitoring for influencers events

We monitor your list of influencers for coverage before, during, and after the event, and present a detailed report with engagement, reach, and dollar value, for you to present to your client as proof of ROI.

Monitoring brand reputation on Social media

Via a combination of our influencers monitoring, social media listening, and human analysis and input, we offer an advanced brand reputation management service for your brand’s image on social and digital media. We also offer real time flagging of reputational hazards.

Near-zero miss rate

With a dedicated team of social media researchers, and a state-of-the-art platform, Andromedia promises a near-zero miss rate. We understand that every missed story means missed value for your clients, and we are here to assure this does not happen.