Our Story

A Dubai media and innovation success story

Welcome to the future of media monitoring

In early January 2019, a small friendly discussion at a neighborhood café in Dubai spawned the idea of Andromedia: An agency daring to venture into a whole new territory of media monitoring. Back then, in the pre-COVID era, social media influencers marketing was on its way to acquire the lion’s bite of the media market. Brands used influencers, PR agencies shifted to social marketing, the whole concept of content marketing was refreshed in ways we would not have imagined a decade ago. But with this rush towards something new and untested, the real value of coverage was being questioned repeatedly. How would agencies that are promoting this new age of social media marketing present proof of ROI to their clients? Instagram stories, the main platform for influencers marketing, disappear in 24 hours, without indication of their reach or engagement figures. This real need in the market gave birth to Andromedia, the only agency so far to be able to capture and analyze Instagram stories and other forms of influencers engagement. By the year 2021, our technology and team of researchers have matured enough to expand this into new horizons. Andromedia now offers full-fledged media monitoring, including traditional print and broadcast media monitoring, as well as new-age digital and social media monitoring. The key to Andromedia’s success has always been in its ability to evolve to meet the client’s requirements, and this promise will always govern our relationship with you.