What is
Social Media Monitoring

With the rise of social media marketing and promotions generated through social media influencers (SMI), there is a great need for an efficient social media monitoring tool. The EU's Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places strict parameters around the APIs of social media platforms—effectively rendering crawling such platforms useless for monitoring purposes. How then, can social media monitoring be comprehensive enough to yield effective and accurate results without violating the restrictions set in place by the GDPR?

What is social media monitoring?

Through social media monitoring, a process that records and analyzes brand exposure on social media platforms, brands can now strategically assess how effective their partnerships with social media influencers (SMIs) are—and if their marketing and engagement efforts are producing meaningful results. As clients need to ensure that value is continuously generated for their brands and products, today's social media often makes it extremely challenging to monitor such coverage, particularly considering the growing use of time-sensitive and disappearing posts like Instagram Stories and Snapchat. To put it simply, social media monitoring is the eyes and ears of social media – it not only views every angle of exposure, but it listens to and captures brand coverage while also analyzing and presenting its findings in sophisticated and engaging reports that are easy to understand.

What is a social media monitoring report?

A monitoring service is expected to produce value-added reports that summarize and analyze the social media engagement of client brands. These reports need to detail, classify and analyze each post that mentions its designated brand. The ROI and dollar value must be accounted for and calculated with accuracy and efficiency.

What are the best tools for social media monitoring?

There are numerous listening tools for social media available, but they all share the same downfalls that limit their usefulness in social media monitoring: (1) they are not efficient, (2) they do not monitor time-sensitive stories on Instagram and Snapchat, and (3) their value of service falls far below the actual price they charge for such services. As you research the best methods and tools for the best social media monitoring options, you'll inevitably come across articles that tout ‘The Best 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools,' or ‘The Five Top Ranking Social Media Listening Services.' Stay informed—and ask yourself the following four questions:

  • Are these tools relevant to my geographic target?
  • Are these tools efficient in capturing the coverage PR agencies produce for their client brands?
  • Do these tools capture all types of social media posts, including Instagram Stories and Snapchat?
  • Do these tools offer high value for the money?


At Andromedia, we have the solution. We do not claim to listen to social media—rather, we monitor social media in a way that's specifically tailored for our clients. We get the coverage they need, and in their strategic and targeted geographic regions. Even further, we provide a report of the specific coverage produced by PR agencies for their brands. We provide PR agencies and marketing agencies with exactly what they need to illustrate the value their clients and partnerships have produced for them. We track social media conversations that are directly relevant to brands—including hashtags, mentions, and text/audio/visual content that mention the brand either directly or indirectly.

Sentiment Scoring and Dollar Value

Andromedia has developed an advanced algorithm to calculate and identify the accurate coverage value of social media posts and engagement. The algorithm considers a variety of factors, including the authenticity of the social media account and its relevance to the brand.
Sentiment scoring is done on a post level and is factored into dollar value.

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